Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nonfiction Challenge 1/18-1/25

**This is a Reading Participation Grade**

Choose a site that interests you from the list below.  Choose an article to read.  BUT... Read the posts first.

You MAY read the same article as another classmate but you MAY NOT write the same comments.  


Once you've read the article, post a comment about the article you read in the comment box below.
Include the following:

1. Link to website and article (copy and paste it from the website)
2. Title of the article
3. List three facts you learned from reading the article
4. Tell how this article relates to you.  What connection does it have with you?

Look back at my post on 1/11/13 for an example.

Your assignment is to read at least ONE article each week and make ONE post each week.  Every week, I will make a new post so check back each weekend for the post for the upcoming week.

<3 Mrs. Siegel


  1. 1.
    2.packer beat Shorthanded Vikings,49...
    3.This was the third game in six weeks between Green Bay and the Vikings, and second in six days.
    Ponder was hurt last weekend when Morgan Burnett slammed into him on a blitz.
    But the Packers quickly settled down and Webb and the Vikings never stood a chance.
    4.i like to to play football too

    1. Who are you rooting for to win the Super Bowl?

  2. 1.
    2.the freaky forces of nature
    3. i learned what a log or drum-shapped snowball is. i also learned what pyroclastic flow is, its when cloud of gas and rock that can reach temperatures above 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit (537 degrees Celsius). i also learned that in Serbia small frogs rained but it was really carried from a storm.
    4. i also know what mother nature is.

  3. science/water-bottle-pollution/
    3.I learned that one plastic bottle can save enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for 6 hours.Another thing I learned was that you can make a difference by saving water bottles.One last thing I learned was that plastic bottles take hundreds of years to disinagrate.
    4.This article relates to me because I mostly drink water form a bottle,but now I know that if I drink facet water and drink from a container bottle that I will helping the earth.

  4. That's one reason why I drink water from my reusable purple cup ;)

  5. 1.
    2.Polar Bears Listed as Threatened
    3.I did not know that polar bears were added to the list of threatened species.Nor did I know that they would receive extra protection.I did not know polar bears hunt seals.
    4.People try to hunt seals just like polar bears.

  6. Isaac Assouline
    2.Huge Snowball Fight
    3.I learned (1)Seattle is nicknamed "Rain City" but snow is making it famous now. (2)The largest snow ball fight was in Seattle. (3) People built forts that had slides and toilets.
    4. This article relates to me because I have been in a small snowball fight before.

    1. Toilets?? Whoa! I guess it's a pretty long snowball fight...

  7. 1. 2.The Secret Language of Dolphins 3.Now i know that the special call was made in an aquarium in Hawaii.{2} In many ways, you are just like the more than 30 species of dolphins that swim in the world's oceans and rivers.{3}Starting from birth, dolphins squawk, whistle, click, and squeak. 4.It relates to me becase I care about nature

  8. 1.
    2.Drinking Water: Bottled or From the Tap?
    3.I learned that Recycling one plastic bottle can save enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for six hours. I also learned that local governments make sure water from the faucet is safe and that Plastic bottle recycling can help instead of going out with the trash.
    4.I drink faucet water for this reason, I care about the environment.

  9. 1. frog
    2.Lungless Frog
    3.I learned a barbourula(frog)gets it's oxygen from it's skin.Another thing I learned was that this animal lives in cold,fast-flowing water.One more thing that I learned was that these animals are very rare species.
    4.This article relates to me because mos have lugs ang this particular frog intrested me.

  10. 1)kids.national nature/polar-bears-threatened/
    2)Polar Bears Threatened
    3)1)I learned that Polar Bears may be extinct because of the weather in the Arctic.2)People are hunting to many Polar Bears.3)Two thirds of the world's polar bears could go extinct by 2050.
    4)I find that this article relates to me because I like polar bears and they can go extinct just like wabbits in hunting season.If you are reading this Mrs.Siegel ,did you get it,wabbits!

  11. 1.
    2.Interview With Sylvia Earle
    3.i learned ever since Dr. Sylvia Earle was knocked over by a wave as a little girl, she has been fascinated by the ocean.i learned Dr. Sylvia Earle thought sea creatures were beautiful but other people thought they were scary.i learned we are losing the integrity of the life support system—their future and ours.
    4.the article relates to me because i think the ocean creatures should be saved.

  12. 1.
    2.The Facts on Fish 3.I learned that some fish may contain harmful chemicals and it is very dangerous.I now know that there are also many types of fish that are good for you.Another thing I learned is that several fish that are both healthy and sustainable{That means that there are fish that can be good and bad for you at the same time}. 4.This relates to me because I like fishing and eating fish.

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